NUARD nourishing face mask with green clay, minerals and herbs

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It is made of green clay, minerals, herbs, as well as flower and fruit kernel oils. Due to its natural composition and ingredients you can confidently use it for any skin type.

Green clay, minerals and herbal extract nourishes the skin, removes bacteria and greasy shine, deeply cleanses pores, smoothes wrinkles, tones, nourishes, softens and tightens it.

The chamomile extract used in the mask eliminates irritation and provides a softening effect. Nish kernel, coconut and palm oils have moisturizing, nourishing, softening, firming, soothing, rejuvenating properties, protect the skin from the first signs of aging, smooth out wrinkles. Avocado oil improves skin quality, rejuvenates, repairs damaged skin cells. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide remove acne.

We use the plants and herbs that were widely used in the cosmetics of the Urartian, early medieval regions of Armenia.

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