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If you are looking for superior quality products from Armenia, taste the flavors of this box: dried fruits, mountain herbal tea, natural chocolate, traditional Armenian halva and many other products made in Armenia with love.

Check out the My Armenian Box offers from ARMENIAN PRODUCT Marketplace and treat yourself or a loved one with top quality tasty items.

Buy ecological and organic products from Armenia!

Gift Box ”FLAVORS OF ARMENIA ” is include:

  1. Dehydrated Apple Rings – Chreni

  2. Dark Chocolate With Dried Apricots And Almonds – Dream Chocolate

  3. Organic Honey Mountain – Honey.Am

  4. HALVA MIX, Rectangular Eco Box, 200 Gr, 8 Pieces – AREV Armenian Traditional Halva

  5. TEA MOUNTAIN MIX – Mountain Tea

  6. Umbrella- Candy Bowl -Medium – Nuard Ceramics

  7. Commemorative Medal/Coin-ARMENIAN NATIONAL GALLERY – Armenian Coins



Product Highlights

  • Apples are cored and sliced but not peeled
  • Cinnamon powder has been added to freshly sliced apple rings to provide unique taste and aroma
  • One pack contains 100 gram of dried apple

    The production process

    After delivering the fresh fruits to the facility the specialists do a visual inspection of the load. They are looking for clean crates, nicely organized crates/boxes in the truck. There are color coded crates for transferring delivered fruits. After washing and sorting they are moved to washed/clean crates which goes directly to preparation room where the operators perform the following processes: peeling, slicing, cutting, coring, pitting and etc. All surfaces in contact with fresh fruits are in stainless steel. Treated fruits are then being positioned on the trays which are stored inside trolleys and moved to drying chambers. Trolleys loaded with fresh fruits are immediately moved inside the chambers to avoid contact with airborne dust and other contamination. Depending on the fruit there is specific program with several process cycles that varies from 12 to 20 hours.

    Description of CHRENI products

    CHRENI dehydrated fruits are being produced from manually selected and hand-picked fruits from tree. Before delivery of bulk fruits to production facility the specialists go and visit the land from which farmers supply the fruits. The main goal is to provide healthy and delicious snack for daily consumption. Here are some other important points describing the CHRENI products:

    • Purchasing only high quality and selected fruits.
    • Batch production in small to medium (150 to 300 KGs) lot sizes per machine.
    • New technology for energy saving and clean production.
    • Full process control (Temperature and humidity) with PLC system.
    • Absolutely free of any type of additives/preservatives. No added sugar and not sulphured.
    • Low humidity levels – 12% and lower.
    • Dehydrating in low temperature ranges (from 50 to 60 degrees Celsius) help to keep high nutrition level as well as color and texture of final product.
    • Thanks to low moisture content of the final product the consumer pays only for the dehydrated fruit pcs and not moisture.

2. Dark Chocolate With Dried Apricots And Almonds

Product Highlights

Warm your moment with Armenian handmade dark chocolates, dried apricots and almonds.

These chocolates will become the favorite of adults!

Handmade chocolates made of high quality Belgian and Italian natural raw materials.

Net weight: 0.115 gr

3. Organic Honey Mountain

It is produced in the south-east of Armenia at 1700 meters above sea level. The vegetation is rich in wildflowers and a variety of shrubs. Honey is certified according to American and European organic standards.

Net weight: 0.340 gr.

4. HALVA MIX, Rectangular Eco Box, 200 Gr, 8 Pieces

HALVA MIX, rectangular Eco box, 200 g, 8 pieces. Shelf life 1-2 months, depending on temperature conditions.

Ingredients: Flour, oil, sugar, almonds, nuts.

It is handmade.

Ordering unit box – 200 gr.

Export license, quality certificate: ( GOST 6502-2014, EAC)


Tea Mountain Mix is a refreshing and tasty beverage- a blend of natural herbs to promote healthly living.
Each component of this blend gives to the tea an amazing flavor and doubles its healthy features.The tea mountain Mix combines all the best and useful features from each componentнта, creating a bouquet of delicate aromas.
Such a tea is pleasant and natural beverage for preventing colds or simply a fragrant drink, smelling the freshness of the mountain air and summer.

Ingredients: milled thyme, wild mint, chamomile, herba hyperici.

Thyme tea was known to arrest gastric fermentation. It is useful in cases of wind spasms and colic, and will assist in promoting perspiration at the commencement of a cold, and in fever and febrile complaints generally.In the European Middle Ages, thyme was placed beneath pillows to aid sleep and ward off nightmares.

Wild Mint is often used as a domestic herbal remedy, being valued especially for its antiseptic properties and its beneficial effect on the digestion.

Chamomile is one of the most widely used herbs in the world. It has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant, mostly for gastrointestinal complaints. This practice continues today.

Chamomile was supposedly dedicated to the sun by the Egyptians because of its curative value in the treatment of ague. It is used in various parts of the world as a table tea. It was used to regulate monthly periods. It is splendid for kidneys, spleen, colds, bronchitis, bladder troubles, to expel worms, for ague, and jaundice. The tea was believed to make an excellent wash for sore and weak eyes. A cup of aromatic beverage with this herb will give you new strength, will protect from cold, and will restore the missing vitamins.

Net weight: 50 gr.

6. Umbrella – Candy Bowl -Medium

Original gift for home, office, etc.

High Quality ceramics with original design will make happy everyone!

The spirit of Armenian products the breath in Nuard Ceramics’ “Umbrellas” series.
What other Armenian products without pomegranate?

Confectionery bowl:

Sizes : 160 * 67 mm

7. Commemorative Medal/Coin-ARMENIAN NATIONAL GALLERY

The coins are made of brass fusion and represent a unique gift for all, who can contribute to the dissemination of the Armenian historical heritage and Armenian culture.

Let’s recognize, discover, value and share every relic of our national heritage together.

Material: Brass

Weight: 20 gr.

Thickness: 2mm.

Diameter: 32,6 mm.

Weight 1.8 kg

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg


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